Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the Gallery: Recommended Reading Links

I found quite a few interesting articles about letter writing, the postal service, and on-line forms of communication in the process of putting together the mail show currently at Mindport.  All the articles are available to be read here at MP, but I recognize that all that reading usually takes more time than most visitors have during a trip to the museum.  Here are the links, so you can read as you will!

Please, Mr. Postman: Reclaiming the Lost Art of Letter Writing by Elizabeth Ryan

On Practice: Letter to Holly from Cougar Ridge by Brenda Miller

Faux Friendship by William Deresiewicz

Pushing the Envelope by David Henkin

Three Ways to Disconnect from the Internet and Engage the Present by Jeff Severns Guntzel

A Family, a Nation in 200 Years of Letters by Kirk Johnson

Eight or Nine Words About Letter Writing by Lewis Carroll

In the Gallery

The mail show is up!  Write On: Going Postal in the Age of E-mail is on display through February 6.  Come enjoy this varied collection of mail – old and new – and send some of your own.

Envelopes and postcards by Pamela Gerard, Kelly Pocci, Fane Jones, Kevin Jones

For more information about the show, check out this interview in the Bellingham Herald, or this article in the Cascadia Weekly.  If you're local, the latest copy of "What's Up" magazine also features a great piece by Marie Biondililo.
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