Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The pipe organ I've been working on for a year is finally installed in Mindport's gallery. Like many people who have built organs, I'm not an accomplished keyboard player, so it's really a treat when someone with the requisite musical skill comes in and plays for us, as has happened a time or two now.

If you're interested in a more in-depth account of the organ's construction, please follow this link. You'll need to download Adobe Reader software to access it if you don't have it installed on your machine already.

Kevin Jones


  1. I was one of those individuals who had the "requisite skills". Thanks for the free tickets to Mindport, Kevin. Maybe you and I can arrange time when I can come in and record your nice organ some time. I'd love to hear its wonderful woody tone (quite different from the normal pipe organ) played against a backdrop of guitar and/or piano (to name one possible combination). The organ sounds very nice, but the addition of another instrument would enhance the recording by adding a sense of dynamics.

  2. By the way, considering that you're right around the corner from KMRE, it seems to me that it would be natural for them to feature your very cool organ in one of their broadcast shows.


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